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The Enhanced Experience

The Realms of Trinity, through extensive use of community content and our own in house software engineering team have overhauled and fixed the core Neverwinter Nights 2 Game Engine. We have solved many issues at their core, and not with hoaky work arounds. We have introduced many user experience overhauls and enhancements and our server has near limitless capacity with our proprietary seamless multi-server design. Frankly, there are just too many things we have done to list in this bloated header, but see below, what I would call our Greatest Hits.

Bug Fixes & Performance

We have fixed all core NWN2 engine issues at their core. We have fixes for damage immunity overflow, double stacking, shape shifting, rapid reload, irresistible character damage, monkey grip item loss, and con/bonus HP calculations.

Many more heavy coding optimizations have been made in NWScript, as well as back end engine code to provide you the best performing power house server experience out there.

The best part about this Enhanced Edition of Neverwinter Nights 2 is that it does not require a special version of the game, just buy the off the shelf version from and you are in business.  All of the changes were made on the server side NWN2 Engine.

Class, Spell & Feat Overhauls

Nearly every class native to NWN2 and all the most played Kaedrin's Prestige Classes have been greatly overhauled. We have added hundreds of new spells, feats, and new player mechanics to reimagine the future of NWN2 and the progression of your player experiences. We have a full featured content library that is in constant sync with the in game content so you can research and plan your builds with ease.

New Hair, Heads, Mobs, & More

Thanks to our in house design team and all the community content creators, we have been able to implement a massive amount of high quality, high resolution armor, weapons, mobs, hair, and head models, we have implemented a massive amount of the best available to provide a huge selection of personalization to your play experience.

Powerhouse New Features & UIs

We have invented many features into the fabric of NWN2. They range everything from our in game auction house to in depth role playing award systems.

We have overhauled and added tons of new features to nearly every in game GUI screen. You will notice character and inventory screens chocked full of real and helpful new data, never shown anywhere else, as well as a ton of new features.

Getting Started

Quick Start Tips and Features at a Glance

  • I do not have have Neverwinter Nights 2, where can I get it?

    It is very easy to get your own pre-patched copy of Neverwinter Nights 2. You can pick up a direct download copy of Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete at for $19.99!

  • I have NWN2, now how do I connect to Realms of Trinity?

    To Play ROT: Start Neverwinter Nights 2, click "Multiplayer", then Click "Direct Connect" enter address: and connect. The client will download all necessary files needed to play automatically.

  • Check out the Neverwinter Nights 2 Enhanced Edition Quick Reference - Click for full size and to download

  • Campaigns and the Story

    The Realms of Trinity is a story based persistent world based in the ©Forgotten Realms Campaign setting. It takes place in the southern coast of the Sembian region several hundred years after the goings on in Neverwinter Nights 2. Once you begin the campaign, speak to Vaster Jarulson (The Captain of the Trinity Army) at the Trinity Government Building in Trinity Town Center. The areas that are Campaign related can only be adventured to depending on your current state in the story. You may return and "re-run" the campaign areas as many times as you wish once you have access to them. For more information on the Campaigns of Realms of Trinity, check out our Campaigns section.

    Important NPCs will have a yellow exclamation point floating above their heads. These are generally all NPCs that give or can give starts to quests or important to the story in some way.

  • Epic Relevels and advancement to Level 40!

    Character development is essential in the Realms of Trinity. Hence, players will be rewarded for attaining experience above and beyond Level 30. This is called an Epic Relevel. When a player reaches certain thresholds of XP, you will be entitled to an Epic Relevel. You can claim your ER by selecting Releveling Options from your player menu or by visiting the Trinity Town Center Temple and speaking to the Releveler NPC.) You will be given the option if you have the XP amounts.

    A character will receive a total of 5 base ability score bonuses. These can be spread out as the player chooses. After the player chooses the 5 ability points, that character's ability scores will be modified. Then the character will be sent to our "Relevel Void", once there you will be set to Level 1 and the player will be able to re-level / rebuild your character as they choose.

    The thresholds are as follows: 1st ER: 1,000,000 XP, 2nd ER: 2,000,000 XP, 3rd ER: 3,500,000 XP, and the 4th ER: 5,000,000 XP.

    After 5,000,000 XP, you will gain a level for each million of experience you gain beyond that to a maximum of Level 40.

  • Wish Shards, What are they?

    A Wish Shard is a rare or DM awarded item that allows a player to add to his or her Wish Shard total. Wish Shards are tallied by GameSpy account and not by character, hence you share your Wish Shards amongst your characters. You may process or use your Wish Shards by clicking on the XP Bar Wish Shard Icon OR visiting the Wish Shard processor in the Trinity Town Center magic shop to redeem XP, Gold, and/or Items. To see exactly what is availble check our online Wish Shard catalog out here: Wish Shard Catalog

  • Role Play & Party XP Bonuses

    We like to Role Play, and if you do as much as we do, you can be rewarded for it! To enable RP award processing for your PC, you must be in RP Mode. ONLY local, whispers, and party chats will be processed. To turn on RP mode, you may click on the RP icon on the ROT HUD or by Shift+Right Clicking your character and selecting Player Modes->RP Mode. Every hour the system will scan your text and award XP to your character accordingly.

    Note: There is a max amount of XP per day and per hour you can receive in this manner.

    Also, if you like to play in a party, regardless of role play, we reward the entire party with bonus experience. Party XP rewards are based on your character level and the Challenge Rating of the creature killed. If a creature killed is 6 or more CR beneath your current level, you will receive no party XP bonus.

Player Resources

If you have questions, we have answers and we have provided the following player resources to keep you connected and informed!

Content Library

A simple to use comprehensive tool that allows quick searching for ROT character Races, Classes, Feats, and Spells.

NEW! - Character Builder

A simple to use application that allows you to plan your builds level by level without having to even step into the game.

Client Extender

Game client enhancement that fixes a number of crash bugs and adds some new features to improve your experience.

Discord Chat

We have a ROT group on Discord setup for all your voice chat and chat room needs. To join click here.

Creature Catalog

Full catalog of creatures you may encounter during your stay at the Realms of Trinity.

Enhanced Edition Quick Reference

To help guide quick access to all the new features here at ROT in game, please check out this Graphic Quick Reference Guide

Reporting Bugs and Submitting Requests

All registered users on our Forum can submit suggestions, requests, and report bugs.

The Story & Campaigns

The Realms of Trinity story is broken up into three in depth, multi-chapter volumes. Click the below images to find out more about each one!

Players Online

NOTE : This list will auto refresh every minute.


Building and maintaining a solid and privately hosted data center is costly. The web site, business internet service, and maintenance are constant costs. We run this site on our own dime, but we happily take donations of any amount. If you enjoy the Realms of Trinity and would like to contribute to its growth, please make a donation. We currently only accept donation via PayPal. Please indicate the gifts that you would like for your donation in the donation notes as well as your Bioware Community Name (Game Login Name you choose after you select mutiplayer.)

If you would like to support the Realms of Trinity financially, please click the link below to donate via PayPal. Paypal.

  Donations for Set Items and Runes

We accept donations for Set Items at $12.50 USD per item, and $.75 USD per rune level requested. Please be sure to include the item name or rune level in your donation notes. Items will appear in your inventory the next time you login after we process your donation and request. Please view the Set Items and Rune Cost Guide below for more information.

Set Item Catalog

  Donations for Game Gold

We accept donations for in game gold. For every $1.00 USD that is received you will get 50,000gp, in addition for every $10.00 US dollars you donate, as a bonus, you will receive an additional amount of 100,000gp.

  Donations for Wish Shards

For every $1.00 USD donated, we credit your account with 2 *Wish Shards. (*Please read forum for Wish Shard details.)

  Donations for Item Drop Catalog

For a $5.00 USD donation, we will email you a Excel Spreadsheet with every item that drops from a spawner and which area it can drop in. Note: This list does not include special drops for Extreme Difficulty kills, and random generated items on kill.

Automatic Donation Benefits

Just by donating for any of the above mentioned gifts, you will attain the following supporter statuses depending on your donation amount. All patron benefits are active from the date your donation is processed and for the next 31 days.


Donated $5 or more in total since RoT’s inception.

Patron - Bronze

Donated $10 in the past month.

Patron - Silver

Donated $15 in the past month.

Patron - Gold

Donated $20 in the past month.


Donated $300 or more in total since RoT’s inception.

Note: Patron options are available from the Wish Shard store menu under "Premium Supporter Options". These are "bonuses" to the value of the donations. You don't donate for these, but you're awarded them automatically. This means that if you donate $5 for wish shards you will also get the "Supporter" epithet. If you donate to get yourself a guild you will be a "Patron - Bronze" for the month as well.

Terms of Use

NWN2 Realms of Trinity is a 100% FREE gaming community experience. Donations that are made with the understanding that you are helping to defray costs incurred by the Realms of Trinity project. There are no expectations of uptime or availability. There are no guarantees that your progress will be saved and you will not be entitled to any monetary rewards for loss of character or account data. Donation gifts listed on the donations page are gift guidelines, not guaranteed, and may change without notice. By autodownloading ROT files and playing on the server, you are agreeing to these terms of use.

We have a full Privacy Policy that governs our handling of any information provided for our forums and player portal. Please review them here: Privacy Policy

About Us

Our Experience: 15 Years and Counting!

If you are looking for an immersive and engaging RPG Dungeons & Dragons gaming experience, then prepare to get blown out of your seat! The Realms of Trinity evolves the Neverwinter Nights 2 engine to new levels across every possible front. We have redesigned the game mechanics, visual effects, areas, and much more. If you are craving a great story, RP player community, and a real adventure, then RoT is your place to play Dungeons & Dragons.

The Realms of Trinity is classified under the Role Play category.

Social Media & Testimonials

The development staff at the Realms of Trinity is continuously developing features and content. We have been at it for nearly a decade now, and you know what? All we're asking for is more players. The best way that you can help the server out is promote us through the various sites that we've laced our names into. Like us, share us, endorse us, vote for us... And you will have done more than what a donation could do to help us. For those that want to go an extra step, it would be great to have people drop a line in the comments sections or forum threads that we’ve started. The longer that a thread remains alive the more visible it will remain. Not to mention that the credibility will grow as more people post their experiences of the server. Thank you very much and see you in game!


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ROT Player
RoT is what all PWs aspire to be.. or at least should. It's a massive world (370+ areas) and has bug fixes for effectively EVERY class. Warlocks have never been so gracious!
This PW is by far the best I've ever encountered. The Developers, DM's, staff, players, all make this project fun, fulfilling, and downright amazing. The community is helpful, love to RP, and are courteous. Check it out, because you're missing out on a great experience.


ROT Player

Our Team

Dungeon Masters are the glue that holds a persistent world, such as the Realms of Trinity, together and is the reason why this server has nothing but some of the best and most experienced DM's in the NWN2 community. Below is a list of the DM's and a short profile of each of them.

Brian Bloom

Executive Producer & Game Creator


DM & Developer