Guilds and The Cormyrean Expanse

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Guilds and The Cormyrean Expanse

Post#1 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:47 am

Attention all Guild Owners:

If you are interested in having your guild hall in both ROT and the Cormyrean Expanse campaign, please let me know and I can make that happen. When requesting your guild hall being made available in the Cormyrean Expanse, please let me know what unused house and area in Suzail, Cormyr you would like to be yours.

Things to note if you decide to do this:

- World Map Point will be removed, as the area will be shared between both campaigns.

- The exit of your guild will be dynamically driven by conversation to handle returning to the proper source location.

- Guild store will be dynamic depending on the campaign you are playing. All guild items will not be available in the CEXP unless low magic versions of items are requested. Cloaks will be automatically added to the low magic version of your store at a +2 instead of the normal +5.

- Everything else remains the same.
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