Area Instancing and Timed Runs

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Area Instancing and Timed Runs

Post#1 » Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:19 pm

You may notice when you enter an area, that you will receive a message stating the amount of time you have to be in an area. If not let me explain what is going on. All of our new programming that is quest / dynamic setup related ( using the same areas for multiple chapters or reasons ) have a timer. Since we are preventing other players from coming in once you or your party have entered, we created the auto port out if you are in the area longer than is allowed.

If you log out, the timer does not reset and will continue from where it left off, so you wont be able to cheeze it. If you log out and the area is empty of players, the area resets. So logging out does nothing for you as an exploit or otherwise.

We will be going back and setting up alot of the ROT1 and 2 content the same way where applicable. Alot of the later chapters in ROT1 and most of 2 are already instanced, but there are a lot that arent as well. This will give us alot of leeway for using the same areas for other reasons and stories.

We are doing this for 3 reasons:

1) Gives YOU the player a total run every time without having to wait for respawn or stuff is 1/2 spawned due to someone just running it and dying, etc.
2) Keeps server resources low, so that we can develop even more content. We have the largest NWN2 server out there and we don't want to stop developing just because we're running out of room.
3) Allows us to reuse areas for totally different setups and scenes. See #2. Areas are huge resource hogs and being able to cleanly reuse areas for all sorts of different runs is huge.

I will keep updating the list below as areas / runs are converted so you are aware of the changes.

ROT1&2 - Areas converted to this setup

ROT PC, Trinity Coastal Siege
ROT PC, C1 - Cloak Tower - All Levels
ROT PC, Island of Repent final area, rest area mgmt system.
ROT C2 - Asyria Run from Main Hall to end.
ROT C3 - Trinity Siege
ROT C4 - Iron Claw - From Commons to End
ROT C5 - Atlantis Magisterium & Tower
ROT C5 - Bloodsands, Temple of Talos
ROT C5 - Bloodsands, Caves
ROT C5 - Bloodsands, Eldar's Pyramid
ROT SQ - Elvandar - From Elvander City to End. Quest will now give you 4 wish shards in addition to other bonuses for completing on turn in.
ROT SQ - Atlantis Cloister of Wit & Power
ROT SQ - Temple of the Snake
ROT C7 - Prologue - Fully Instanced
ROT C7 - The Asylum
ROT C8 - Avernus - The Bronze Citadel
ROT C9P - Funeral Scene
ROT C9 - Avernus - Draukari Tunnels
ROT C9 - Dis - Iron Way to End of Iron Tower.
ROT C10 - Cania - Ruins of Kintyre

ROT2 - C1 - Dakmor Forest
ROT2 - C2 - Temple Crypts
ROT2 - Merchant Trail to Vast Swamp Run ( ROT2 Sidequest )
ROT2 - Daerlun - Jard's Tower
ROT2 - Cormyr - Port Authority Tower
ROT2 Chapter 3
ROT2 - Chapter 5 - Prologue
ROT2 - Chapter 5 - Artificer Tower, and acolytes buildings
ROT2 - Chapter 5 SQ - Zhentarium Temple
ROT2 - Chapter 8 to Buried Ruins
ROT2 - Chapter 9
ROT2 - Chapter 10
ROT2 - Chapter 11

Cormyrean Expanse -

Port Authority Tower ( Chapter 1 & 3 )
Suzail Armory
Suzail Royal Shipyard
Suzail Royal Market ( Both Chapter 1 & 5 )
Suzail West Slums PD Barracks
CEXP Druids of Balance Side Quest
CEXP Cannibals of the Hills Side Quest
CEXP Clash of Thieves Side Quest
CEXP Chapters 6-17.
CEXP Dark Order Side Quest
CEXP Crypt of Legune Run

Runs/Areas Remaining:


C1 Cloak Tower L4, add dynamic portal and get rid of static one
SQ, Hall of the Ancients
SQ, Kobold Caves
C6, Temple of Vera Chambers


C4 - Rewrite quest line, and instance properly
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Re: Area Instancing and Timed Runs

Post#2 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:12 pm

Cool stuff, i always thought that instancing quest areas was a good idea, like in some mmo's, and now you guys are implementing it on here, awesome.
Good one guys, really.

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Re: Area Instancing and Timed Runs

Post#3 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:53 am

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