The Knights Hospitallier

The Hospitallers are a RP based group devoted to helping new players
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The Knights Hospitallier

Post#1 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:06 am

This is the Public Forum of the Knights Hospitallier...

We are a Role Playing Guild, an Orginazation of our own and dont answer to anyone!
We are dedicated to helping all Characters, and always ready to assist in a Pilgrimage.

In order to become a Member of our esteemed Brotherhood you will need to be Good Aligned, and have Healing capabilities.
Then you need to seek out one who is already a Member, in order to start your Initiaion. (or you can reply to this post, after which you will be contacted)
But be warned... Your Virtues will be tested!

We would prefer if you would dedicate all your Characters to this, but if you prove worthy then arrangements can be made with either the Loremasters or Societas Draconis for other types of Characters.
Master of Serjeants with the Knights Hospitallier
Loresmith with the Loremasters
Guildmaster of Societas Draconis________________
DM Zorquan

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