Societas Draconis Manifesto

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Societas Draconis Manifesto

Post#1 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:21 am

This Guild was initiated by me, since I had some Characters not fitting well within either the Hospitallers or Rangers.
So I decided to Donate for a House, and thought it would be easier to Create a Guild while we were at it.

Societas Draconis has no Alignment, Class, Race or Guild policies... everyone can join!
Alltho' the Guild is considered invitational only, apply below if you'd like to be considered.

Our "Members only Forum" is located at :

The Guild is divided into 2 divisions, neither having anything to do with the other.
Only thing shared between the 2 Divisions are the Forums.

Getting into the 1st Division doesn't make you a direct member of 2nd Division, and vice versa.

1st Division is the Guild it self, having Members like any other Guild.
There's no real structure to this as of yet, since so far we're only using the House for the Banker and the Persistent Chest.

2nd Division is the Role Playing Project.
The RP Project is divided into sub-groups, each with their own agenda and Characters associated. Each individual Group is governed by themselves, but must comply to the RP Rules stated here on this Forum.

If a member of any of these Groups have responsebilities to any other Guild, those must be their first Priority.
Master of Serjeants with the Knights Hospitallier
Loresmith with the Loremasters
Guildmaster of Societas Draconis________________
DM Zorquan

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