Random War Party Events

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Random War Party Events

Post#1 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:30 am

Oberu and I are back and in full force. We will be hosting random events that will be entirely on the fly and not subject to an announcment unless we feel like it.

So, if you notice that the spawn in an area is "overwhelming" or "unusual", you should probably hold on to your gauntlets and greaves cause it is going to get messy.

1. I ressurect fallen players in my events unless stated otherwise. So if you die, don't respawn.
2. I freely give out supplies in my events, so pick them up. You WILL need those 4 ressurection rods. I assure you that you will use them in short order.
3. I award items and expierence at my leisure and generally AFTER the event, so please be patient so I can make/search/find items etc for rewards.
4. I expect players who are given a named item to keep that item on their respective character. Do not pass an item I have given to a specific character to another character on your account.

Looking forward to seeing more of you soon!
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Re: Random War Party Events

Post#2 » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:23 pm

I'll be trying to host random events... some over server pop up's, some will be for large parties already assembled. I will also play around with random players as I come across them. I've never liked posting events because we get the same few people coming over and over, which isn't bad.. it's just not balanced in the lovin' department. I'm in Washington, Pacific time, and I'm usually on between 6pm and 8pm. It won't be everyday.. but atleast once in three days.
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