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Pale Master Exhumation

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 7:13 am
by konst3d
As I have already told on forum about PM set, I see this prc as a tool for those who want to RP a lich\necromancer. And most of them expect 1) durability 2) death magic 3) undead minions 4) optionally a scythe.
And vanila PM has _some_ durability, which is completely meh here in Trinity.
So what I'm proposing:

Change hit die d6 => d12.
Add Tumble to class skills.
Maybe change BAB to be medium? Just to help with RTAs\MTAs?
Uncanny Dodge at some point? But I'n not sure it fits the class idea, so most likelly - not.

Now by level.

level 1
-Bone skin I, +2 natural AC, DR -/5

level 2
-Eternal Guards
-Deathless Vigor I, constitution +2 (epic constitution feats), fast healing +2
-Necrotic Might I (CL for necromancy\death spells +2, damge bonus +5%)

level 3
-Bone skin II, +4 natural AC, DR -/10

level 4
-Manifest Death
-Deathless Vigor II, constitution +4, fast healing +4
-Necrotic Might II (CL for necromancy\death spells +4, damge bonus +10%)

level 5
-Bone skin III, +6 natural AC, DR -/15

level 6
-Deathless Vigor III, constitution +6, fast healing +6
-Ravenous Earth
-Necrotic Might III (CL for necromancy\death spells +6, damge bonus +15%)

level 7
-Bone skin IV, +8 natural AC, DR -/20

level 8
-Deathless Vigor IV, constitution +8, fast healing +8
-Grave Rot
-Necrotic Might IV (CL for necromancy\death spells +8, damge bonus +20%)

level 9
-Bone skin V, +10 natural AC, DR -/25

level 10
-Mummification, immunities to fear, mind affecting, criticals, sneak attacks, etc... Typical undead immunities
-Mummy Knight
-Necrotic Might V (CL for necromancy\death spells +10, damge bonus +30%)

Eternal Guards
Replace useles animate dead with real pet! Make it to summon 2 skeletal guards that will rest with you, that you can buff, heal, etc.. Like epic grandstand summons do, but skeletal! Also, as a feature, make this unlimited use ability? So you can rise your guards at will, you are a necromancer after all! ))

Manifest Death
Point blank AoE like Fireburst or Fire Storm that does negative energy damage. Can be used 4 + CON modifier times daily.

Ravenous Earth
Expend one of your Manifest Death usages to create a zone that will last for X rounds. Every creature inside will get applied negative energy vulnerability (CL and PM level based, up to -50%?), movement speed, saves and maybe base stats penalties.
You and your minions get bonus regeneration and +saves while staying inside this zone.

Grave Rot
Expend one of your Manifest Death usages to cast plague like curse on your enemies. Basically like nature plague, but does negative damage over time and penalizes AC and AB.

Mummy Knight
Short time but very powerful summon. Maybe PTWF falchion WM? The idea is to summon it to qiuckly do huge amount of single target damage. Few times a day, duration... 2-3 mins maybe?
Make it good enough to charge into battle right after summoning, no time loss on buffing it.

Expend one of your Manifest Death usages to cast necromantic version of Hellball, everything is the same but damage is negative energy.

So in the end we have +10 AC, +8 con, DR -/25, a bunch of immunities, a bit more HP and innate regeneration, a pet (2 of them), short living (but strong) summon, unique DoT, and the ability to create a place where negative energy damage will suck a bit less. ))
This is rough first draft, may add something later.

Edited, added Necrotic Might.