using GOG version and activation keys

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using GOG version and activation keys

Post#1 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:57 am

hello every one,
i tried to used another version of NWN2 and get problems using it on multiplayer.
i fixed trouble , and so i think could be good to give instructions for helping new owners of GOG version NWN2
as different things to checks:
nwncdkey file could be .ini or not no change
you have to do manually the code ( yes its long)
you have to go in folder:
there is a file host open with notepad
then you can change: localhost
::1 localhost

that need to be done as administrator to be able to save

after that, go to check in neverwinternights2 folder
install the clientextension.hdl in the folder where there is nwlauncher.exe
then create a shortcut from nwlauncher on the desktop for exemple. you will use that 1 to lauch the game.then multiplayer.

you will be ask to create a bioware acoount ( of course it does not working) but solution appears anyway
if trouble from connecting to multiplayer ,if not working, use the shortcut as administrator could be usefull.
as i tried to create 2 accounts differents on 2 computers, i had trouble to use the new version but not the old one.
just check if you got on 2 differents accounts , 2 differents address ( email ) and of course 2 account name.
i hope those tips could help new player.
so i dont know for others version of game as i had gog version ( recent ones and old ones)

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