The Druids Version of Things

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The Druids Version of Things

Post#1 » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:21 pm

Eating mushrooms.. Always a great snack, under that new Oak I like so much. The world seemed to get clear for a while, and then I was talking with Growler about the clarity. I almost remembered my name, but then the memory faded, and I was once again alone in the woods with my only friend, Growler.

I felt the calling then, like a great compelling to go to the Defilers gates and find something. I walked and walked, listening to the sounds of saws, and mills. The grinding of stone, and the hammers ping against hot steel. The smells of life in the Defiler’s realm are something to behold. Always a stench in this pit of waste, rot, sweat, and boiling hate. I would be filled with hate to the point of stench too, if I had to wear some poor elementals melted and forged skin all day in the hot sun. No wonder at all the Defilers curse like they do and send glares my way. I think they are envious that I am so comfortable in my leathers.

The Port of Call.. A haven for the Defilers seeking a rest from the sun. Silvanus had sent me a vision after my snack in the woods, and I did something completely out of the ordinary, I went inside. I thought of telling the Defilers that Silvanus would grant no mercy to them for the slaughter of the elementals. But then I realized I was almost going to actually talk to one. I had to stop myself from raising my hands to one of their faces and plunging my thumbs into his eyes. At least if I blinded him the pixies would not taunt him. It would be doing him a favor, but Growler would have none of it, so I left him to glare at me.

I sought permission from an old Oak chair to sit, and after hearing that I was welcome to sit from a very lady like voiced chair, I sat. I turned my attention to a fair female defiler standing to my left for a moment, and after glaring at her for a few minutes in silence she just curtseyed and left me be.

Silvanus bless my old forgetful bones, the world lit alight and the most amazing thing happened! I saw brilliance and the floor quivered and quaked and the room went suddenly dark. The next thing I know a wolverine on its hind legs walked right up to me and said in a thick dwarven accent that he wanted to sit with me. So I did the only rational thing I could think of and told him absolutely not. He sat with me anyways, and then proceeded to start lifting a tankard with a little wolverine paw and drink heavily. I decided that I would just confront the poor animal, but my attention was diverted by a massive squirrel walking around on its hind legs. It was prodding at this barkless dryad with a terribly angry look on her face. He prodded and prodded, till the dryad obviously taken aback by a squirrel poking at her stormed off to the stage and started playing a war march on her lute.

This is where things get weird. The next thing I know a sapling treant walks in and low and behold the squirrel went right after her! He prodded at her as well. I assume he did not know that she was too young to produce nuts yet, but it was nature, so he prodded. The treant did not swat the squirrel with her leafless branches, she only chided his squirrel chatter and offered him solace.

It came to me just then! Something bad was wrong, and I was sent to fix it. This treant that was only a sapling and did not have roots! She had this tree like base that strangely resembled a dress but no roots, and she floated across the floor never making a sound. The irony struck me and I was suddenly made aware how corrupt these defilers were. Some dark druidic evil was afoot, not adhering to the laws of nature, and had taken this treants roots, bark, and.. leaves. The dryad must be bonded to this treant because the dryad was barkless as well. The wolverine must be nested near this treants roots, and the squirrel must have been living in the treants branches. This act of vile wickedness had brought them to this place seeking her leaves and roots, and they needed my help. Further, none of them knew what they were. They had been stripped of their true names and were like me, nameless.

I decided that I would befriend them and help them on their quest to find the leaves and roots. If the treant could find her leaves, I may be able to help with the roots. It is always in the leaves that we find peace, especially the oaken leaves.

We sought out adventure, this band of misfit animals, and wildings of nature.

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Re: The Druids Version of Things

Post#2 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:10 pm

I was rested… The others seemed well enough, and even the Dryad was back to her old self, playing that instrument of hers and being happy enough to appease the sentiments of the Treant. I had found that after my boots were sufficiently salted that the Treant’s animals and the dryad were more welcoming. I had come by more salt mysteriously. I awoke and I had a large bag of it, I think it was the sylph…

The mushrooms at the bottom of my bag taste the best. You have to dust off the old dried and rotten pieces of flesh and leaves, but they are the most desirable. The nauseated feeling passes soon enough, and the world clears up. The Defilers seem to show themselves, and the confines of the wooden cage show their nature. The chairs sing of their old forms, and the wooden floor slats quake and ripple as they used to when they were but branches in the wind. After the floor stops moving and the insatiable laughter passes, you find yourself in a most peculiar world.

I was petting Growler and minding my duties to guard the Treant when I first noticed the Sylph. I thought at first a pixie, but we will get to that later. So, the Sylph was being followed by a pig, and I thought to myself that the pig was enchanted or enthralled. I payed no mind to this act of violence to the animal only because the pig was clean, happy, fat, and seemed clear minded. I had watched for signs of dark magic in the pig’s aura, but saw none. This pig was either an illusion, or clearly following this Sylph of its own accord.

We were playing, Growler and I, and minding our own business while watching the Treant when this commoner decided to try and step on Growler. I insulted him, threatened him, and even directly accused him of wickedness when I finally came to the conclusion that he was deaf and blind. The wolverine confirmed this. The wolverine had this shiny new mug that the squirrel had given him in his hands, and was putting it to good use. The squirrel was wondering about the bar clearly not feeling well. He looked well, but did not patronize the female defilers even once.

The Dryad and Treant were up to their usual chatter to one another, and I had come to the conclusion that this Treant needed this Dryad in order to continue progression to enlightenment. The Sylph was likewise bound I would soon realize, and probably was the Dryads companion. I looked to Growler and smiled thinking how nice it would be to see them together again once this horrible curse was lifted. They all made conversation to the Defilers, unaware of their nature and wickedness, when the bar seemed to explode with demon assassins.

I was caught completely unawares talking to this friendly chair about how I would oil her arms so she would not dry and rot when Growler went straight to work chewing on throats. I stood using my walking stick and stood beside the Treant watching wolverine and squirrel instantly jump into battle. I felt bad about neglecting my duties to guard the Treant only long enough to cleave my stick into a demons head and watch it fall to the ground.

The battle was over as soon as it started, and I went straight to work collecting some of this demon skin for a new set of gloves. Growler was eating one of them, and the others were all busy talking about some “JD Kimball” character. No sooner had I gathered my new left glove and salted it, I was running to catch up to the Treant heading outside. Once outside they started walking through the Defilers camp towards a walled fortress made from earth.

A demon stood guard to that fortress, but he was a talkative demon. I told him straight away that his right arm was my size and that I could use his arm for a new glove but he seemed to ignore me. It wasn’t until I realized that the Treant and the Dryad wanted into this demonic fortress that I saw an avenue of approach. I pulled out my salted demon skin glove and proceeded to inform the demon in his own way that I was going to get my right glove from his corpse unless he let us inside. Funny enough, he let us in after that.

We were assaulted as soon as we closed the demonic gates, and the onslaught did not desist until we made our way inside one of the earthen fortress towers and up two levels of demonic resistance. The entire time this once though Pixie was using spells to defend the Treant. This was how I came to my true conclusion about the Sylph. I confronted the Sylph but this curse they are all under seems a strong magic indeed, for they all looked at me as if I were insane.

So, We walked into the third floor of the earthen fortress and encountered a demon unlike the others. He was a civil demon, and proclaimed innocence and asked for acceptance from us. Oddly, his right arm was the perfect size for a right glove, but the Dryad seemed to think that talking to him and giving him some paper would be a better choice. It must have had some value to the demon, because he ran straight out of the tower ahead of us as soon as he had this paper in his hands.

Odd day indeed, they all wanted to find some shelter afterwards. I tried to talk them into the forest, but… ((to be continued))
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