Nine Hells Club development

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Nine Hells Club development

Post#1 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:07 am


First of all, i want to mention that i am impressed with what you have done with the server while i was gone. Seems alot of work has been put in and it shows!

Now, I spoke to MadMage the other day regarding what to do with the Nine Hells Club. I set up the place just before i took a long break from NWN2, so nothing really happened with it. I am hoping to get something going again though so im asking for help from anyone who has experience with the toolset and all that stuff, and also to get some more specific ideas going for the place. Mine i guess are kind of abstract so far.

On to the vision i had of the place. Did anyone of you play the HotU expansion to the original NWN? In the main campaign you travel through Cania, and you get into this bar where all sorts of folk hang around. I think they had a dragon as a bartender. Anyway, i really liked the idea of a place like this in a remote, sinister area so that is why i wanted it where it is now. Like an outpost of life in a dead place. Further, regarding visitors and the interior, i have this idea of a rowdy, smoky gambling den and drinking hole, with only the worst kind of people, devils, demons, you name it visiting. Like the characters in Tom Waits' songs and the places they visit.

I am not sure how much work it is creating something like this. A start i guess would be creating some kind of ambience like the smoke and haze, and having some rowdy background sounds playing (i think there already are some pretty good background tracks for this in the NWN2 toolset). Further, i suppose having some lines (just text) when speaking to the inhabitants of the place is good for creating the vibe. This is not so important at first though.
I am willing to pay someone to do this, or give up the ownership of the place to anyone willing to take responsibility.

If anyone is interested send me a PM or we could discuss and develop the place and ideas even more here!

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