Update List for 6/9/2013

Updates on roll-outs.
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Update List for 6/9/2013

Post#1 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:58 am

On next reboot the following will be installed:

1) All five dragon order plate armors will be added to the drop table for ROT2, chapters 9 - 11.
2) DMFI ( DM Options ) - Item and Creature description editing added to radial context menu.
3) EX drop system updates: New special drops will be possible when killing a CR 30 or higher creature in EX mode with a rate of 1 in 400 odds.
4) GUI for Banked XP application. You will now be able to access your banked XP options from the radial menu by right clicking on your PC and clicking "Redeem Banked XP ". You will be able to apply whatever amount you would like by character.
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