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Rollouts Coming Soon

Post#1 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:56 am

The following options will be added to the Eye ( Player Menu ) and replace the Show ILR and Modify Item entries:



- Gift Code Redemption System : Allows redemption of a 8 character alpha numeric key for special in game gifts for promotions and more. Gold, Wish Shards, and/or Items will be specific to the key given depending on offer.

- ROT Help : In game help screens will detail various ROT features. Selecting this menu option will bring up a dialog with various topics. Upon selection of topic, a help window ( same look as the Forging Help window ) will pop up with the details of the given topic. Topics in First Roll out: Forging, Wish Shard Catalog ( with wish shard description ), Player Modes ( RP, AFK, PVP, EX ), ROT Modified Spell Lists by Class

The following changes will be made to all forges:

- We are also looking to add Regen to all forges as well.

- Adding UMD Back to the forges as an available skill to add to your items.
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