Server News Update - 7/25/2013

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Server News Update - 7/25/2013

Post#1 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:18 am

It's been a while since I gave a general update and felt it's high time I do so.

We have been working very hard in getting alot of new features out to you, the players. The Kaedrin PRC 1.42 has released, and has been tweaked to keep our custom enhancements at the same time getting the benefit of the new Kaedrin Content and bug fixes in since version 1.41.4.

We have added new features to the forges, such as regeneration and Bonus Hit Points. This is in response to removing alot of static inventory items that that caused NWN2 Engine issues/headaches. We have also created fixes for equipping/unequipping Bonus HP items so that you won't get wonky HP totals, exploiting, etc.

New Content

Upcoming works that are coming very soon, include updated item equipping logic to help stop strange item property stacking and other engine bugs and more help topics to the Help Guide.

For early August, as Mortis mentioned we have upgrades coming for the Bard class and the Barbarian class. Later on in the month, we will be overhauling the entire Hlintar area with new fully developed side quests written by Zorteper. We will be instancing the Hall of the Ancients and the Kobold Caves with this upgrade and will allow us to develop another quest there that will be one of the upcoming Epic Challenge series quests

Building the RoT Player Base

We have known for a long time that the existing majority of NWN2 players are die hard RPers and have no desire to ever come to RoT. Our player base is mostly made up of die hard RoT supporters that have came on board and truly appreciate and value the unique and professionally developed experience we have to offer. Realizing this fact, we have begun advertisement on Facebook and other places to help bring awareness to our product and to bring players into the NWN2 community. We know the only way we can survive long term is to do this vigorously. We are budgeting monies out of our own pocket ( not at all including these costs into our ledger ) to help keep what we have done alive. Ben ( DM Silver Adept ) and I will be going to Gen Con this year and doing a live appearance and conducting high profile interviews with game leaders, such as the CEO of Cryptic Entertainment. This will help continue to build our connections and to show what we done has been far undervalued from the general NWN2 community and remains to be the case to today by looking at the fact that we are not even close to the most amount of active players on at one time.

Special Thanks

I want to take a moment to thank all the financial supporters of RoT. We have been blessed with those individuals who keep the wheels turning at RoT and it really is appreciated. These include but certainly aren't limited to Mydagaard, Mortis Corpus, Aghost_seven, Zorteper, Sorcerking, LadyHawke1973, adam, and Icarus.

I also would like to put a special thanks out to Zorteper and Mortis Corpus for being such great and loyal staff members over the years and for the great and awesome ideas that they bring to the table daily. Lastly, I would like to throw another special thanks out to Aghost_seven for all his hard work that he's done putting great information together and to help new players get a understanding of NWN2, RoT and D&D in general.
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Re: Server News Update - 7/25/2013

Post#2 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:15 am

Brian wrote:We have known for a long time that the existing majority of NWN2 players are die hard RPers and have no desire to ever come to RoT.

What I wonder about is if we can bring more players from nwn1. There's a bigger player base(over twice the size?) from there and they won't have this pre-existing opinion about RoT like most players from nwn2 do.

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