Stormsinger Warlock

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Stormsinger Warlock

Post#1 » Sat Aug 20, 2022 12:26 pm


I was just wondering the viability of adding a Warlock option to the Stormsinger Amulet unique ability usage. There are very little options for Warlock gearing in the Amulet department. The default option is usually the Greater Chaucible available at the Jeannie of the Coin.

In terms of power level associated with the specialization of the amulet perhaps instead of spell slots the Chaucible added blast damage could be supplemented and Practiced Invoker could be added instead of Practiced Caster.

Finding an equivalent rare amulet appropriate for a Warlock to Combine with the Tempest has a bit more consideration to be taken into account. There are a few archetypes of Crookweave Chains that could be construed as fitting in line with Warlock from an RP Perspective. Particularly the one with Imp Evasion and 5 Magical/Divine/Positive resistance seems in line with the design of the Warlock set.

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Re: Stormsinger Warlock

Post#2 » Thu Sep 08, 2022 6:51 am

I think it's a good idea, but wher is the adm or dms?

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