MortisCorpus' Work list

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MortisCorpus' Work list

Post#1 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:04 pm

This production cycle (the next two weeks) I plan on moving the following sets forward to live spawn.

1) Barbarian PrC
2) Warlock

I have beta testers presently testing these sets and would appreciate feedback in the next two weeks so I can address proposals in an orderly fashion.

Thanks guys!
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Re: MortisCorpus' Work list

Post#2 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:46 am

(All currently live)
"Brook The Voidkeeper" a new NPC had been placed by the sign-works at the entrance to Suzail, in South Cormyr. He has also been placed in The Arcane Society. This NPC interacts with all players, but will only transport players with "Mortis's Works" journal entries.

He will transport you and your whole party, regardless of the parties journal status. Only the interacting player need have the journal entry. This allows experienced players to travel much faster through the lands to their desired play area and should hopefully maintain the areas integrity for those who have not been there yet.

So, If you have killed the Overmind recently... (Illithids Boss)
1) Underdark Caverns (thids start location)
2) Vault of Doom (VD start location)

If you have killed Requiem recently... (Dark Lair Boss)
3) Entrance to The DarkLair

Works in planning stages:
I will be taking player advice on placement of Brook, and feedback on any other locations players would like faster travel to (within reason).

While Quizikal should journal tag players on death, the next layer of my works is still in development stages. Once Eon opens for beta / play, Brook will transport tagged players to the entrance of Eon as well if they have slain the Boss of the Vault of Doom. (Quizikal)
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Re: MortisCorpus' Work list

Post#3 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:27 pm

Been a while since a post here. Making mention of a new concept brought into being by Corango with Brumms assistance.

This was designed as a piece of the LLC Innovative movement and the new content comming into being soon as that story line continues in the near future.

A new marker will start gracing certain maps in the very very near future. This marker will have a yet to be defined unique visual aesthetic. It will mark a rest zone, and will allow rest within a certain proximity of said marker. These will be added as I am able across many “End Game” maps as they roll to “No Rest” outside of predetermined marked zones.

You have been warned. I will of course commit details on any map moving towards this system. I will also provide screenshots of the “unique aesthetic” and ample prewarning in game.
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Re: MortisCorpus' Work list

Post#4 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:22 pm

I would like to preface this posting with a blanket statement: "We (the developers) live on different time-zones and interact in a text medium by vast majority. I have kids and a very active life in addition to my singular hobby, Trinity. We are all professionals in our respective career paths and I find it astounding that we are able to strive to achieve so much. I am absolutely sure I have forgotten something in this posting. So, developers please correct me and add as you are able."

Developers Group Open Pending Works:
1. Spell Rework. (B, MM, Boss, AA)
-(About 1/8th through divine)
2. Ur Draxa (C, MC)
-(HUGE project, Corango’s Design/Fabrication, levels 1-7)
-(Personal Tasks: Spawner setup, near beta)
3. Brians new Epic Side-quest (Boss)
-(Pure majesty! The screen shots are amazing!)

Personal Open-ended Pending Works:
1. Bard Set (MC)
-(fabricated, scripted, disabled pending rework)
2. Cleric Set (MC)
-(fabricated, scripted, disabled pending rework)
3. Warlock Set (MC)
-(live, substandard but highly functional, revision after rework)
4. Thug/Swashbuckler Set (MC)
-(first vote notes taken, revision underway.)
Personal Projects Underway:
1. Gnarl Curl Side-Quest. (MC)
-(Maps uploaded in teamshare, pending ADL/beta)
2. Midenlayen (1st / 3 - Eon layer. ) (MC)
-(Maps uploaded in teamshare, pending ADL/beta)

Other Projects Underway:
1. AI Rework (B)
-(Only if it needs further tweaks, cause it’s pretty righteous.)
2. Random Item Generator (B)
-(Ready for broad spectrum application?)
-( Seems to be pretty good on my end and players seem happy with the spectrum of rewards.)
3. Brumms New Boss (B)
-(I keep looking that creature and his minions over wanting to use them…)

Brumm (B)
Madmage999 (MM)
Brian (Boss)
MortisCorpus (MC)
Addict Ant (AA)
Corango (C)
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