Ur Draxa - Malfactorio (REFACTORIO) Mines Overhaul

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Ur Draxa - Malfactorio (REFACTORIO) Mines Overhaul

Post#1 » Mon Sep 27, 2021 5:33 pm

To all that would like to kick the tires on the Malfactorio Run, please do so. I rebuilt the entire setup to be a loose instance based run now with a journal progression. You do not have to speak with Al to start the quest, but will have to finish it. Major changes that replace item drops with virtual drops so that you don't have to go pick up a ton of this or that to give to the gold dragon. You still will need to get all 6 "virtual" items and take them to the green dragon. Doorways to 1a-1c will now be dynamic portals tied to the levers. Mobs have been overhauled. You get the point. Check it out.

Lastly, You can go straight there from the Ur Draxa main area as a new exit transition has been added near the south east exit and IS Mappointted on your main area map.

Please post on discord thread with any further feedback for refinements.
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