Opinion Required: EX7 / EX8

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Opinion Required: EX7 / EX8

Post#1 » Fri Jun 03, 2022 9:25 am

We need your opinion again regarding the EX 7/8 endless spawns.

They are causing some troubles for our season mode ranks because some builds can afk farm XP with it while others can't. That makes the whole idea of ranking players based on XP questionable. The problem is we are not sure about how to address that.

My best solution so far would be to change it from endless spawns to increased spawns. Maybe +25% on EX 7 and another +25% on EX 8. That way you would still get more monsters to farm but afk farming wouldn't be possible anymore. Another advantage would be that EX 7/8 could be used as a challenging mode for runs again. Because at least from my experience the current setup does not allow to proceed in a run because the constant spawns force you to stay at one spot.

Any opinions on this?


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