Post stories about your character and earn an award!

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Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#1 » Sun May 11, 2014 6:24 pm

For all those who write a background story of at least 200 words about your character and post it to this forum, you will receive a 25,000 XP bonus to your banked XP and 3 Wish Shards.


- 200+ word background
- Include your login name and character name
- Max 4 rewards per player.
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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#2 » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:39 pm

Kamon Kad was orphaned as a young boy. While traveling with his parents on a caravan bound for Calimshan the group was attacked by bandits. Although the caravan was well defended, they were eventually overcome and slaughtered almost to a man. Young Kamon managed to escape by hiding among the bodies of the dead, an event which would scar the twelve year old for life.

After the attack, he salvaged what he could from the bodies of the dead and the remains of the caravan and wandered away to fend for himself. Needless to say, as the son of rich merchants with little practical skills in the wilderness, he was soon starving and near death. Luckily for him, he was found and rescued by a mercenary band, The Broken Daggers. Taking pity on the youth, they took him in and made him one of their own.

In time, he was able to regain his strength and would help out with the mercenary band by doing odd jobs here and there. During this time though, he was still plagued by night terrors and a paralyzing fear of death. One of the mercenaries, a cleric of Kelemvor, saw this and began to teach the young Kamon that death was a natural part of life and not something to be feared. Over the years, Kamon would learn more and more under the cleric, eventually overcoming his fears. He would also learn more martial skills from the rest of the mercenaries, and would act as a medic during any skirmishes or battles the Daggers were engaged in.

The turning point came when the Broken Daggers took up a mission to slay a necromancer who had recently shown up in the area. The cleric of Kelemvor took this rather personally, as his faith abhorred the undead as a vile perversion of life. Upon encountering the necromancer though, disaster struck as their intelligence of the necromancer had been incorrect. It turned out that the necromancer was not just a mortal necromancer, but instead a lich. It was a newly formed lich, but a lich nonetheless. What's worse, the lich had gathered and reanimated various corpses in the area, the remnants of the caravan among them.

While the mercenaries fought the undead, Kamon and the cleric tended to the wounded. The cleric would also turn what undead he could, as the band fought closer and closer to the lich. Sensing the battle was not going his way, despite nearly a third of the Daggers being downed, the lich turned to flee. Angered at this, Kamon, against the warnings of the cleric, chased after the lich. Needless to say, he was quickly subdued and captured.

Later on, within the lair of the lich, Kamon was chained and shackled. Amused at the spirit of the young man, the lich decided to torture him instead of killing him outright. The lich began to wither Kamon's limbs, slowly eating the flesh away bit by bit. Before he could do much more though, the cleric of Kelemvor entered the lair at the head of the rest of the mercenaries having spent the past few hours hunting down the lich to rescue Kamon.

In the battle that ensued, the lich was struck down (but not destroyed, as the phylactery could not be found). Unfortunately, the cleric was struck down as well. In his last moments, he healed Kamon of most of his wounds, reversing what he could of the lich's work. Although most of the damage was reversed, Kamon was left with a weaker left leg that would cause him to limp for the rest of his life, severely hampering his agility. The cleric then bequeathed his bastard sword to Kamon, telling him that this was Kamon's second chance at life, and he should make the most of it.

In the aftermath, Kamon would tend to the bodies of the dead and dying, performing what rites he could for them and granting them peace in their final moments. Though the Broken Daggers urged him to stay on, Kamon instead decided it was time to leave, saying that once reformed, the lich would hunt him down and it wouldn't be fair to bring danger to the rest of the Daggers. Further, he felt that he needed to honor the cleric's sacrifice, and head out to do what good he could in the world.

After much wandering, his travels took him to Trinity, where the rest of his story begins.

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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#3 » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:52 pm

Very nice work! Your account has been credited!
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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#4 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:19 pm

You must have better things to waste your time on than some sellsword with a strange family. But you did buy the beer, so keep it flowing, and I'll try not to send you to sleep. I should probably start with Ma and Pa. After all, without them, I wouldn’t be around to bore you, but there's more to it than that. You probably already figured this out, but I'm not the first generation in my family to go out looking for trouble. Ma and Pa were two such individuals. I can't say what brought them to each other, since I wasn't there at the time. I can say that their staying together has provided entertainment and terror for those around them for many a year. Things tend to get a little dicey when you've got a paladin married to a part-time wizard who just could never pass by a locked door without opening it. Anyway, between the two of them, they managed to set aside something to retire on, and this is where I came in.
I was their first, so they immediately took to squabbling over whose footsteps I was going to walk in. Even though I was a pretty big sort with no fear of a few whacks on the head, there was a lot of effort spent getting me to pick up something about magic. Never did rub off on me, and Pa was pretty disappointed. He sort of gave up after I accidentally cursed him. I still don't know if he's been able to stop turning into a toad for a day every other tenday.
After that event, Ma was pretty smug. I guess she thought she had cause to be. After all, I knew one end of a sword from another, and I did have the gift of gab from early on, but she hadn't thought that maybe I really was learning a lot around Pa--just not the lessons he thought he was teaching. I guess you could say I picked up a bit of Pa's attitude more than anything. Soon after the third time I was caught using, shall we say, certain temple items, to help convince young ladies of my acquaintance into, let us just say, somewhat improper activities, it was felt that I was simply not the sort of fellow that Tyr would want as one of his paladins.
Given the general feelings at home, I felt it in my better interest were I to make for a distant clime, and Trinity did seem to be distant enough. So, I took the opportunity to avail myself of an old sword--I believe that someone once said it belonged to some ancestor or another. After all, I knew my way around a weapon, and if nothing else, I could get hired as a guard by some mage or temple by dint of knowing what should not be touched in either situation.
Now, you already know of my few little activities here in and around Trinity. I must say that it's helped me settle my mind to look into the problems here, and it turns out that Ma and Pa were both right about me. I do have a taste for magic, even if it is just a little alchemy, and I can find a place in a temple, even if it's only as a part timer. So, I think Trinity suits me just fine.

Added on edit:
Oops, I forgot: Login is BryanMaloney and character is Khrador Khradorson.
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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#5 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:31 pm

Grevaine Ithivisk had a conflicted upbringing. On one hand, the Scaled Lords of Merrshaulk saw in him an opportunity for greatness. He was fast, stronger that nearly all his peers, and intelligent. He was also of a pure bloodline, looking very nearly human. On the other hand…he just didn’t seem to care. Duty and opportunity held no weight in Grevaine’s mind. He frequently shirked his responsibilities to the brood, and didn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.

Grevaine wandered through his early years with little direction. His natural talents earned him dual apprenticeships to a powerful mage and a hot-tempered warrior, ensuring a successful future of depravity in the name of Merrshaulk. While he was kept busy with his training, he always managed to find time to stick his head in the clouds. The endless rhetoric of the importance of the brood, of obeisance to the Scaled Lords, and of awakening the Sleeping Serpent never made much sense to him. He longed for the freedom to wander the world. He wished to fly away from the endless drills and harsh punishments of his masters.

If Grevaine had a friend, it would have been Tweedle. The blackbird lived in a nest near Grevaine’s home. Of course, Tweedle was merely the name Grevaine gave the bird. Grevaine wasn’t even sure Tweedle knew he existed. Grevaine admired Tweedle’s freedom, though. The bird came and went as he pleased, owing allegiance to no one.

‘One day,’ Grevaine thought, ‘I’ll fly away, too.’

That day eventually came. Grevaine was nearing the end of his apprenticeships. Competition was fierce among the young yuan-ti for rank and glory. Grevaine has thus far done well for himself on skill alone, having none of the scheming propensity of his broodmates. It had never really sunk into his head that his lot in life was to rage against his brethren, vying for position and the opportunity to glorify a declining deity. Grevaine’s two masters understood this about him, and met to discuss his future.

Ingariosk, a powerful wizard, and Morkathsk, the brood’s blademaster, conspired a plan to break Grevaine of his flighty ways. They knew they must shatter Grevaine of his innocent notions, that only without the shackles of naivety would his true potential be realized. They devised a plot to pit several of the other students nearing the end of their apprenticeships against Grevaine, allowing him no time for dallying and no chance to let his mind wander. These students would be informed that, while an unfortunate waste of talent, the elimination of Grevaine would ultimately serve to strengthen their tribe as a whole. If Grevaine survived the ordeals, he would come out that much stronger and more focused.

Grevaine, having followed Tweedle on a whim for an evening walk, heard his two masters scheming his downfall. Lying there in the soil beside the cave where they hissed their plans, Grevaine made up his mind, then and there, to leave. He had neither the desire nor the focus to play their games and deal with their betrayals. There were far more interesting things to do and see, and how could he see any of them if he was always watching his back?

Heading back to his hut, Grevaine gathered his meager belongings together. He left nothing but his surname behind, adopting the moniker ‘Blackbird.’ From here on, he would let his whims guide him where he wished.

(Login = Geovex, Character = Grevaine the Blackbird)
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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#6 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:21 pm

The beginning of his journey to Trinity was just another day in Menzoberranzan. A minor house, for reasons unknown, was chosen for extinction. Grendan had already become dissatisfied with Drow society and decided he did not want to comply with someone else's desire for his death, so he fled. Part of this existing dissatisfaction was due to him manifesting a portion of his House's bloodline that grants innate powers to manipulate the weave through force of will, with no formal spells required.

While a Drow in a Drow city is ultimately always alone, the journey to the surface was an experience of abject solitude for Grendan. He took caverns known to be not in use by other Drow to minimize chances of contact with those of his kind who might recognize him and kill him. One stretch of cavern was devoid of even phosphorescent fungus and was utterly dark. It was in this stretch of cavern where Grendan only just barely survived a battle with something that stole his knowledge and power. To this day he still does not know what that something was. After this fight, he whispered quietly, "There must be something more than mere survival!"

It was then, upon reflecting on his recent experiences, that Grendan had a dream. This dream was to harness his anger and use it to serve chaos through battle more truly than his own kind do, though grand lip service they might give to the service of chaos. He was granted the ability to harness his fury as well as the ability to call forth a companion, of sorts, drawn forth from Shadow.

Since arriving on the surface, Grendan realizes that true service to chaos means that all people must be free to make their own choices. This slow realization was substantially reinforced through travels with the orc Ughash, who spoke much wisdom to Grendan despite an unconventional usage of language. Grendan has since come to realize that friends of flesh and blood are of more value that a mute battle companion formed from Shadow and has recently meditated deeply on who he was, who he is and who he wants to be. As such, his divine gifts have shifted to represent his comfort in darkness and his desire to support chaos. He takes pride in being trusted to lead a soldier of the militia from time to time and is finding a sense of satisfaction, though he does not yet know this is the feeling he is developing, through helping people have choices and options opened to them.

//The PC name is Grendan of no House ("of no House" is the last name) and I think my username is mek42 though I am not sure of this.//

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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#7 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:33 pm

mek42, unka_oogie, and cervantes you all have been credited for your outstanding work! Thanks for participating!
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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#8 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:23 am

'Leon' wasn't the biggest. Nor was he the strongest. And only in jest would his people have called his skills spectacular.
No, he was more often than not pushed away by his kin, shoved to the side of the nest, fed left-overs, and generally ignored. His smooth skin and quiet demeanor made sure that none spent much time or effort on him. It wasn't an eventful childhood for him. Others may have had great struggles or perilous, chance encounters, but for him, it was not as such. There were no fights or crisis, at least as far as he was involved. It wasn't until he was mating age that any even looked his way with anything but dispassion.

Drawing himself up from his nest, he looked at his body, his skin gleaming ever so slightly in the dim glow of the under-caps. The subtle scaling that ran along his length betrayed his Yuan-ti ancestry, and he couldn't help but feel a fleeting ember of displeasure gnaw in the pit of his gut. Once, long ago, he had felt a gentle tug of pride, watching his fellow underlings growing stronger, every day, every inch of shed skin proclaiming them better then they were the day before. But that was not to be for him.

Taking a deep breath, the hazy air puckering around his nostrils, he walked to the doorway of the battered stone room, it's roof having long fallen through from the ever-present sub-quakes that rocked the region that his sect called home. The boggy cavern stretched out for what seemed like leagues in the fog, but it was only an illusion, as he had well experienced. How many times had he stalked these cramped, soggy lands, compelled by his sense of belonging to be as they were, even though he had always felt a man, or beast as it was, apart, so removed from the path that nature had set before his kin.
Stretching his arms out before him, each sporting a single set of sharp fins tucked close to the skin, he reminded himself he would never be like them. The soul that infused him was not that of a cold beast, but a subtle warmth that was so very alien in this place. The others were ever-set on the struggles and conflicts of the world all around them, and he, again, realized, this wasn't, and would never be his fight.

Dropping to one knee, he pulled up the pack-sack he had stowed near the opening the night previous. The smooth darkhide satchel had a comforting weight to it as he slung it over his shoulder, catching for a moment on the spines that lined his back. He moved methodically back to his nest, picking up the under-wood bow that lay near, strung tightly with dark-vines, a parting gift he had procured for himself from the queen's chambers, and slung the weapon across his chest. He pulled out a small flint from his pocket, and struck a few hot sparks into the disarrayed pile of undergrowth. The driest parts lit quickly, and the entire bed caught on as if seeking the flame. A small bucket nearby held a collection of his own sheddings, and he dumped them on the fire, just slowly enough that it didn't extinguish the smoldering heat. He didn't want to leave a trace, and it felt right, as if this was a pyre for this life, his life as a Yuan-Ti. He stood, watching the spitting fire grow then shrink, the smoke stretching across the room, seeping his scent into the very stones. Finally it was done, and a fine powder and a bit of ash were all that was left.

With one last look at the swamp behind, the being that was 'Lisshtaa' left the hive, striking out into the ever-dark, as always, alone.

((Username: Talon_Darkclaw , Characters: Leon Slyshot, Yoshima Darkclaw, etc.))

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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#9 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:12 am

Talon_darkclaw, you have been credited for your outstanding write up!
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Re: Post stories about your character and earn an award!

Post#10 » Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:34 pm

Just now noticed this post.

This is the one for my two mains, my first time writing one so hopefully it's not too bad :P.


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