Proposal for Expedition to Evereska

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Proposal for Expedition to Evereska

Post#1 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:32 pm

Founder Ahriman Cold and Members of the Arcane Society,

For the Approval of the Arcane Society:

Recently, there have been significant disturbances in Mystra's Weave (and perhaps even the Shadow Weave). These disturbances may be related to the Paradox Fragments that are believed to be scattered around our vicinity of Faerun. These fragments are drawing the attention of that evil species of creatures that actually feed on magic: the Phaerimm. My recent forays into the Underdark lead me to believe that those Phaerimm that are not imprisoned by the Sharn Wall under Anauroch are going to try to obtain the Paradox Fragments for their own malevolent ambitions; this cannot be allowed to happen. There is a possibility that even a portion of the Paradox Fragments may have enough power to breach the Sharn Wall.

Among our allies, the group that would have the most intelligence on the Phaerimm would be the the Elves of Evereska. The city of Evereska has been rebuilding from their war with the Phaerimm more than two hundred years ago. The Evereskans have every reason to help us prevent the Phaerimm from acquiring the powers of the Paradox Fragments, and are very likely have information that could lead us to the Phaerimm search party that we need to stop.

I therefore propose that, eight days from now, we send an expedition to Evereska, find information leading to the location of the Phaerimm looking for the Paradox Fragments, and then eliminate the Phaerimm search party.

The party we send needs to have lore, intelligence, and tracking skills to make use of the Everskan data and find our target, but also have enough fighting strength to defeat a Phaerimm search party and their minions. The Phaerimm are normally accompanied by mind-controlled underlings, such as gnolls, bugbears, illithids, and beholders. (Most of you know how much I hate beholders.) Once we find the information we need in Evereska, this becomes a search and destroy mission. Our party will only be looking for the Phaerimm search party, not for Paradox Fragments. With any luck, the Phaerimm will not have obtained any of the Fragments before we find them.

If the Society approves this expedition and I survive it, I shall post an After Action Report that should prove useful to the Arcane Society and all other groups (such as the Evereskans and the Harpers, who have a representative on the Everskan High Council) who are trying to keep the Phaerimm threat in check.

The successful completion of this expedition may also lead the Arcane Society to deem me worthy of the rank of High Mage.

May Mystra guide us all.

Jod Hil
Frost Mage, Arcane Scholar, and Mage of the Arcane Society

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