Official History : The Bull Turken

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Official History : The Bull Turken

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The first Turken was spotted many years ago at a place called Iron Claw. A group of hearty adventurers came to save Trinity and defeat the evil Cain; but they found something else as well. It was Jade the mighty warrior who, immediately after dealing Cain his deathblow, noticed a strange chicken in the distance. He was larger than the largest chicken, with glowing red eyes and quickness about his movements that seemed supernatural.

Jade made ready for battle, even weary as he was, and said, 'Lo there chicken, canst thee speak? Dost thou wish to treat with me?'

‘Gobble gobble,’ replied the chicken.

But at that instant the unfortunate party realized the horrifying truth: it was a Bull Turken from the outer planes. A short battle between the party and the Turken is said to have followed, but from Jade only this will he say: 'Not a scratch we made on that foul Devil. He just walked away…'

God of all fowl, the Turken is actually a lesser Deity. His statistics as best reported from adventurers, who saw him and lived, are as follows:

Class: Lesser Deity (exact classes unknown)
HP: 10,000+
SR: High
AC: estimated over 80
DR: High
Spells: Epic (witnessed) Hellball
AB: +70 or above.
These statistics are subjected to change, as the Bull Turken seems to have much more power during special times and lunar events. He does have a weakness as well: Vlad the Lich King once reported doing battle with a Turken and killing him with a Vampiric Feast.

Warning: Be extremely cautions with Bull Turkens especially during mating season. Angry Turken have been reported to lay waste to whole regions.

Of the Turken and the Lord of Atlantis

The first rumors about the existence of Turken came to Trinity from an unlikely source: the minions of the Lord of Atlantis. His electromancers had perfected a way to channel electricity in a coil and focus it into a magnetic portal or gate. Through this portal often the ruler of Atlantis would travel, sometimes taking short forays into other worlds. Now it is known that when we would travel thus he would assume the form of a great blue dragon, flying over the alien landscapes heedless of danger.

But one day he became famished with hunger, and spying an unsuspecting flock of chickens, he dove upon them to sate himself. Down by a large still lake the flock preened and pecked the dust peacefully, totally unaware of the danger that plummeted from above. Like a comet fresh entering the atmosphere the dragon burst into flame and electrical charge instantly killing the small flock, at least so he thought, but he was wrong. As the smoke cleared, one chicken remained unharmed.

'Gobble gobble,' said the chicken, for he had no name, and his anger turned his eyes red like the blood of his children. With amazing quickness he then smote the Blue Lord, calling upon dread magic to aid him.

Thus began the battle of the Lord of Atlantis and the mighty Bull Turken of the outer planes; long and ferocious it raged, finally reaching and destroying most of They. The Red Wizards had become very powerful, taking over most of Faerun, but no magic could stop the Turken in his wrath. It was indeed luck which saved the Lord of Atlantis in the end: the portal happened to close, drawing him back mortally wounded to his city, to the astonishment of his followers.

Concerning Mortals and the Bull Turken

Although it has been known by the wise that the mighty Turken has befriended mortals from time to time, this is not his usual practice. The first reported case of this happening came from Perigriam Lightfoot and Rend Ferrum who, upon calling the Turkens name, asked a boon of the God: to assist in the removal of the guardian of the temple of Talos in the Blood Sands. This boon the Turken granted fullwell, taking pity on the mortals, and together the three assaulted the temple and massacred all opposition.

But this type of intervention by the Turken is forbidden by Ao, and must not take place unless special conditions are met, and certain rites observed.

Some mortals hunt the Turken, seeking to gain special powers or properties from his
meat. Moreover, the Lord of Atlantis, after surviving grievous hurt from battle with the Turken (see above), created special troops to assassinate him: the Turken Hunters of Atlantis. But for the most part, mortals avoid the God of fowl altogether, deeming him unfit to worship, and thinking him a spirit much like Oku.

But it is fabled that the Turken was among his children one day at a small farmhouse near the stronghold of Cain. Now this farmhouse came under attack by Iron Claw orcs, its inhabitants massacred: a small family of gnome farmers whose name is forgotten. But as the orcs carried out their gruesome task, a small child of sickly character eluded death and made to escape, near falling on the God of fowl in his haste. The lordly chicken, seeing orcs in fast persuit of this child, for reasons unknown, blocked their path.

'Gobble gobble.'

The orcs made ready to kick the large chicken-thing out of the way, thinking to eat him at leisure, unknowing it was indeed the Bull Turken from the outer planes, mighty among creatures of the world. And so with blazing speed and talons aflame, the Turken smote the first orc down by deadly groin attack, ripping his privates out even as he ran. Blood sprayed the faces of the orcs and they turned on the Turken to attack, but each met the same fate, unable to harm the enraged cock.

Thus the God of all fowl then took him a gnomish child, and raised him in the manner of the Turken. No special favor did this child receive, beyond initial deliverance, but grew strong and amazingly fast under tutelage. From the Turken he learned the art and style of fowl: dexterous avoidance of blows; catching missiles in his beak, or little hands as it may be; the winged triple-kick; and the deadly Flaming Groin Attack. In addition he learned many powerful magics, including the ability to turn ethereal and walk unseen. The turken gave him a name, calling him Primo, meaning first in honor of the first child of mortal race he succored. And Primo, seeing himself strong now among all things, much like to his father, took upon himself the last name of Turkanus.

Concerning Orcs and the Naming of the Turken

On that fateful day, when the mighty Bull Turken of the Outer Planes was accidentally attacked by Orcs, not all of the Orc raiders perished (see above). There was one who survived, a Gray Orc called Gorbag. He certainly would have been destroyed with the rest of his party, had he been there, but he was late in coming, and only witnessed the end of the massacre. Now Gorbag was considered wise among the Orcs, and while he was faithful to his comrades, he was no fool. It was obvious to him that this chicken, with talons of fire and blazing eyes, was no ordinary cock; so he hid inside the nearby farmhouse until it was quiet outside.

Gorbag then returned to Cain and gave full report of all that he had witnessed; but Cain was furious that his orders were not carried out, and did not believe Gorbag’s account of what had happened.

‘You lie, Orc. There is no such creature as the one you describe,’ Cain ranted, ‘Hah! He looks like a rooster but gobbles like a turkey? A chicken and a turkey? A TURKEN? You are a drunken fool!’

But Gorbag replied: ‘Me not drunk today, me just late; oh Boss by the way…’

‘Silence! I have heard enough from you Gorbag, keep your toungue behind your fangs or I’ll chop it off!’

‘But Boss-’


‘The chicken: it’s standing behind you.’

Cain whirled around, unsheathing his long sword with one rapid movement, only to stand with blank expression: he was standing face-to-face with the Lord of all Fowl.

‘Gobble gobble.’
Thus the Atlantean rumors of the Bull Turken were substantiated; and it was Cain himself that named him. It needs not be said that Cain was dispatched by the Turken, who made quick work of him with little effort. But it is noteworthy that Gorbag, seeing the true majesty of the mighty cock, henceforth worshipped him as a deity, renouncing both Cain and Gruumsh.

The Founding of the City of Turkan

It has been seventy years since the death of the mighty Bull Turken of the Outer Planes. As the Trinity historians note: ‘he died to a group of hale adventurers one fateful day, under auspices of Jupiter, at the bidding of Sir Brian of the City of Trinity, by authority of the King of same.’ Yet his death was on the prime material plane only, his spirit diminished but not extinguished, and he fled back to the Outer Planes to regain his strength. For the Lord of all Fowl cannot be killed in such a manner, as the wise have warned; and he summoned the spirits of his flock about him, and he summoned his faithful son Primo (see above), his power waxing upon his own plane of existence, made then a magical city in the Outer Plane: the City of Turkan.

He then created a mighty army from the spirits of dead fowl, choosing only those whose death was bitter, empowering them with dread magics, naming them the Forces of Turkan under the Captainship of Primo Turkanus. But to his son he said this: ‘Great charge I now lay upon you: to defend the City of Turkan and protect the spirits of my flock, as I must rest for time unknown to regain my power. But you are of mortal race, and if you accept this great responsibility you will seldom be able to return to the Prime Material plane but under special circumstance. Choose swiftly, for I grow weary of this form.’

Primo then accepted his charge, assuming the authority of Captain, becoming the High Priest of the Temple of Fowl in the great City of Turkan. Now Primo was young, and he realized his own deficiencies in the realm of magical power, so he spoke in thought to the greatest of all wizards seeking his council: Beshadowed Besh of Ahala, Master of the Ahala guild in Trinity. Besh then told him of a mage he knew named Blackrobe, who was visiting Trinity upon business with the guild, who could possibly help him. So Primo acquired the services of Blackrobe, naming him Archmage of Turkan, thus creating a bond between the guild of Ahala and the City of Turkan by oath of service.

But unknown to all in Trinity, Beshadowed Besh, not wanting to part from his best mate Primo, conceived a plan to create a door to the Outer Planes through which mortals could travel. He then placed a token upon Blackrobe that had the power of finding and revealing; and as Blackrobe traversed to Turkan, Master Besh became aware of the arcane attunement frequency, thus gaining the knowledge required to make a portal between worlds.

Only one problem remained: the only source of power great enough to create such a gate rested in the Temple of Vera.

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