Lessa Begins

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Lessa Begins

Post#1 » Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:24 pm

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya about my day. You look like the sort that likes to listen.

I arrived here just yesterday and I be sure your town be well and truly fracked. Don't be gettin' all riled up. It's a fair statement that yall have issues here in Trinity. I came in around noon and let's just say by that evening I had seen more trouble than I had in most of me life.

I came to this place by..well no need to bore ya with the details, but I came into town. I needed a few things for my craft so I was looking through the various offerin's of your merchants when I came across the book store. Books are just fascinatin' to me. A culture that puts their words onto paper instead of sharing them by tellers. It's unheard of where I be from.

So there I was in your book store and reading of a stone o' the serpent. What got me interested was that supposedly it was valuable, like very. I find myself in need of coin. I made some promises, best not uttered while the moon is out, to have me moved to a swamp many leagues distant. I was looking for the remains of those who searched afore me. I found them, well what was left of them. I battled through a small contingent of lizard people. Have you ever noticed they are EVERYWHERE. I have seen plenty of them in my travels. But as I was sayin'.

I fight through them when I found a hole in the ground covered by a grate. I am not ashamed it was too strong for me to lift. I searched and found another, with the same results. I had resigned myself to traveling back to the city with the meager treasure I had found when I feel power beating at my skin like the midday sun. I was positively fit to bursting with it. I channeled that power into the grate, ripping it from its hinges and opening the way below.

No, I didn't know where it came from, but when you deal with the spirits as I do you accept that at times they provide without request. I was wrong, was I ever wrong on where that power came from. When I rappelled to the bottom of the well I was confronted by a woman of exceptional beauty. Her face was of carved alabaster, with a womanly form encased in smooth animal hide. Her hair was as black as a moonless sky. Saying she was beautiful doesn't begin to describe her. That is until you notice the horns sticking from her head, the wings sprouting from her back, and the malicious grin and burning fire in her eyes. She spoke inside my head and answered my unspoken question.

Where I come from, your mind is your own. I flew into a murderous rage and beat against her, I called every spirit I knew. I made promises I wish I could take back to others. She fell dead at my feet. As I watched her body fade away a heard a girlish giggle and was attacked by another from behind. It took what little I had left to dispatch her but she fell as well before me. I found her pet hound cowering around a corner and gave it mercy before rummaging through what it's master had left behind. I found shards that glowed with barely contained energy and a rod that possed such power it made my bones ache to touch it.

Spent, I found a safe alcove and called to my spirit guardian to nourish me and give me the strength to finish what I had started. With new found energy I pushed on through more of the vile lizards until I found the remains of the party before me. Only they weren't dead, well not wholly dead. I can only assume they were patrons of Miracle Max. They attacked with a vengeance but fell before me.

In the next room I found the stone I sought, as well as its steward. It was a vile beast that had been using the stone to exist beyond death for the past 3000 years. It had stolen the body of one of the 'twitchies' it's followers had dispatched and take it for its own. I called on my guardian and he sent me the power to destroy the spirits henchment. Now it was he and I. a tool of the spirits and a vile abomination. I beat and tore at the beast but everytime I thought it would fall it rallied. I finally recalled a note I had seen on the corpse of one of the 'twitchies" Destroy the stone. It went against my basest desires but I spun and slammed my dagger into the center of the Serpent Stone and watched it shatter over the ground.

The creature behind me shrieked in frustration and fear as it was torn from the corpse it inhabited and fled to whence it came. I collected the few items I could scrounge and made my way back here.

Your drink is empty, it is getting late. You should head home. I will be here tomorrow to tell you more. Hurry and take this piece of agate. It will see you safely to your home . For this night while you hold it, my guardian shall walk beside see you and see you safely through the dark.

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Re: Lessa Begins

Post#2 » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:35 pm

Bravo! A fine tale well told!
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