Private Journal of Roman Farsight

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Private Journal of Roman Farsight

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After many years of seemingly endless wandering throughout Faerun, looking for a world that I shall never see, for a time that may never have been or will be, I came upon a simple temple near Furthinghom in Aglarond. The brothers and sisters there taught me the general ways of The Triad, and The Maimed God in particular. While these lessons were known to me through stories of my youth, it somehow seemed fitting, even comforting, to listen to them again as an aimless adult.

During my time at the temple, I was quite skeptical at first of following Tyr's strong-handed tactics of Justice. Could I honestly follow in the path of a god who questions his own ability to lead? Should I listen to the calling of Helm's destroyer, Cyric's evil involvement in the matter notwithstanding? But as the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, my mind became not only comfortable with the proposition, it seemed that the idea was now becoming a necessity, borne out of a great stirring within my soul, longing to grasp a small foothold on something that I could call "home." With great insight, through the aid of my brothers and sisters, I ultimately found that home was within me and such a revelation that was! Even though home was no longer the idea of a physical place, it gave me great satisfaction to know that I would never be where I was not intended to be. I would now be a wanderer only in name as I moved from one village to another.

In my opinion, Tyr's brand of Justice always needed the temperance of Torm's mercy and truth and Ilmater's empathy and perseverance for all who have suffered at the hand of indifference or evil. And while I do not adhere to The Heresy, I believe there is truth also to be found in the protectorate of Helm. With these as my guide, and Tyr as my god, I began moving again. Not with a senseless, aimless gait, but one of purpose.

I left the temple some years back and have now been "wandering" for some time along the Sea of Fallen Stars. Through Thesk, Impiltur, north through Damara and Vaasa, and then through Cormanthor. Tyr's Justice was dispensed where appropriate along the way, but never with outward zealousness, having been tempered in my path. Moving south through the wondrous city of Ordulin I have heard of tales about the great needs of a village called Trinity.

As I now reach Trinity and push open the gates, I wonder what adventures await.

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