Official History : The Downfall of Holo Cross

Background stories of some of the characters in the campaigns.
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Official History : The Downfall of Holo Cross

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Twenty years ago, a tribal war erupted between two coastal villages, destroying most of the homes and leaving many children without parents or protectors. News of this tragedy reached the ears of a traveling Paladin who immediately took up their cause. He gathered together the remnants of both villages and brought them together under his leadership. The Paladin’s prayers healed and cured the sick and dying, then gave eternal peace to the dead. Within a few months, a new village was rebuild, utilizing the old sites as memorials, but with watchtowers in place to warn of impending danger.

Followers of the faith grew in their power, establishing a temple and an order of clerics to maintain peace among the survivors. Over the years, the village grew and prospered, but left the Paladin without adventures to continue his Quest. Resentment built up in his heart and his soul’s purity began to wane. His patron deity answered his prayers less often, now, but instead of reconnecting with his Faith, he abandoned it.

The people of the village had grown from obedient children into loyal adults, never straying from the call of their Paladin Protector. His fall from grace was slow and steady. Just as the hearts of the people had followed him to their salvation, they would continue to follow him in his disgrace. Once the powers of his clerics and their leader had vanished, a new deity was sought to answer their prayers. In order to insure that their powers would never again leave them, the clerics began to sacrifice those among the populace who were not considered completely enthralled with “the Change”.

While the unsuspecting targets slept, they were gathered in the night by the clerics and burned alive. Anyone who was not a loyal soldier, a powerful cleric, or a newly formed Paladin found themselves enslaved, then murdered, all in the name of their leader and his dark god.

Over time, the Paladin and his army obliterated the village, desecrated the graves, and tore down the watchtowers...further increasing their dark powers. The Paladin then ordered his army to move along the coast, capturing ships and supplies. When all was ready, they left their homeland and sailed to the Isle of Repent, killing the clerics and monks there, taking the fortress as their own.

News of the village’s destruction was slow to reach Trinity, but when it did, the Captain of the Guard, Vaster, was appalled. He was young when the tribal wars raged across the coast, but not too young that he didn’t crack some of the mercenary skulls when they crossed his path.

Now, the man who saved the villagers was now condemning them to the Hells.

His name is Holo Cross.

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