The Neverwinter Nights 2 Client Extender

This is a plug-in, written by Skywing, for the Neverwinter Nights 2 game client which fixes a number of crash bugs and adds some new features to improve your PW multiplayer experience. It also includes a replacement Internet Server Browser to replace the stock Internet Server Browser that GameSpy discontinued support for.

Download NWN2 Client Extender Here

To install the Client Extension, simply extract the .zip file contents to a folder of your choosing and run NWLauncher.exe to start the game. You may find it convenient to create a shortcut to NWLauncher.exe on the desktop to launch the game more quickly.

The Client Extension doesn't make any permanent changes to your NWN2 installation (you must choose to enable it each time you start NWN2), so it's easy to remove if you don't want to continue to use it.

After you have downloaded the extension, create a shortcut to NWLauncher.exe. I suggest you to also create a new NWN2 home folder dedicated just for RoT. This way you can have settings specific just for RoT and you can be sure there are no conflicts with mods you have installed. You can use the home folder with the following target parameters: -home "path\to\home\folder". So your shortcut target field would look like: "path\to\NWLauncher.exe" -home "path\to\home\folder"

There is a useful command for auto-connecting to a server when you start the game. To connect to RoT automatically, add "+connect" to target field. I also recommend disabling predictive movement that is enabled by default using command /mpredict because it can cause path glitching. So your target field at this point could look like: "path\to\NWLauncher.exe" -home "path\to\home\folder" +connect /mpredict

The extension opens a window with area map by default. For me this map window caused stuttering in the game even though FPS was good. If this happens to you too, you can close it and it won't show again. To enable it, type /showui.
The following documentation goes into detail about the features and bug fixes in the client extension, but here are a couple quick highlights (I strongly recommend reading the included README which goes into more detail about these and other features):

  • The Internet Server Browser functionality built-in to the game is reactivated when the Client Extension is active. You will be able to view a list of active servers through the Join Internet Game multiplayer menu item.
  • Auto updater for the Client Extension itself (new to version or later). You will be prompted with a clearly labeled message box at the game client main menu if an update is available to optionally install. More details available in the readme in the .zip package.
  • You can now create a shortcut to launch the game client to directly connect to a PW from the desktop. To do so, create a shortcut that runs NWLauncher.exe +connect pw-address . For example, "NWLauncher.exe +connect ". More examples are included in the readme file.
  • Hotbar macro buttons have been added to the game; you can configure a single hotbar button press to perform many tasks at once (useful for queueing up rebuffs after resting if you're playing a cleric).
  • Fixed a bug that causes wizards to randomly crash on transition if they have metamagic on spell hotbar buttons.
  • Point and click movement is now responsive (as WASD is) even on laggy servers.
  • Fixed a bug where animations in the game client become choppy on computers that have a long uptime (i.e. that haven't rebooted recently).
  • A full-size clickable area map (showing terrain and other static map features) is now available for servers that utilize the built-in autodownloader. Clicking on the map can be used to navigate across long distances. DMs can see all players and creatures in the area, and where they are pathing through the area map.
  • A better reply command (/re) is added. /re replies to the last tell you received and doesn't get distracted by non-tell chat, or by you sending a tell.
  • A retell (/rt) command is added. /rt sends a tell to the last person you sent a tell to.
  • Command history is now available when you use the new external chat interface (for cycling through messages you've previously sent). Great if someone disconnects and you just typed a long message to them.
  • Copy and paste is now available when you use the new external chat interface.
  • Area transitions no longer forget that you had Darkvision up.
  • An option to walk by default (and run on SHIFT) for point and click movement is now available.
  • Fixed a client bug where right-clicking the name of a player who sent you a tell and using the "Send tell" menu option didn't work for players with characters without last names.
  • Many other features not listed here, check the documentation.